Let’s Collaborate

Unique Diamonds

Each diamond has its own unique characteristics. It’s crucial to understand no two diamonds are the same. My expertise is to find the balance between the center stone and the piece of jewelry we are creating together to achieve your desired design while still staying in budget. I’ve said it once and I will say it again…if it’s not something I would have my wife wear, I would not sell it to you.

One of a Kind

Secondary to seeing the final product, working with you to design your dream piece is the most exciting part of this journey. I will listen to your list of wants and try to cross everything off your list. I will guide you through the process of picking the diamond, creating the design and staying in your budget. It sounds quite simple but getting to the end product is a complex process. 

Step 1.

First sketch of the pendant.

Step 2.

Putting it on paper and figuring out measurements.

Step 3.

Adding some more bling and adjusting different areas on the pendant.

Step 4.

We started with the idea of the flat pieces will be made out of carbon fiber and then we changed it to black plating on gold.

Step 5.

The final product.

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