Our Story

Pink Earring

Since 1955

Second generation in the global jewelry industry. My father, Victor Hayoun, started cutting diamonds in Netanya, Israel over 65 years ago. His business evolved into owning a diamond cutting factory and being well respected in the elite group, The Bursa (diamond exchange) in Israel.  I initially worked at the factory cutting diamonds from sixteen years old – after school and during summer breaks. At 21, one month after serving 3 years in the Israeli army, my father asked me to move to Los Angeles for 2 years to learn about our business independently rather than under his wing. At the time, it seemed like a daunting task but it turned out to pave the way to my future.

The Entire Process

As I learned about our industry, I discovered that I was most passionate about jewelry designing.  I especially love seeing a piece through the entire process starting with conception/vision, to designing, to picking the stones, to building, to delivering the piece and seeing happy clients.  I will educate and guide my clients throughout the process to ensure an enjoyable experience.

What Makes Benny and The Gems Unique?

I can source the stones from my family in Israel and create a piece to its final product. I have been told on numerous occasions that the process was much easier and smoother than initially anticipated. I strive to meet this expectation as well as turn a dream piece into reality. Because this is such a personal process and revolves around the happiest occasions in people’s lives, I have been fortunate that my clients start as that but turn into friends. 

I’ve enjoyed collaborating on engagement rings, wedding bands, anniversary gifts, birthday presents, “just because” gifts, push presents, graduation gifts and everything else in between.  I am grateful that my friends/clients have been my biggest advocates and referral sources.

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